Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Equality is well on it's way

Dear journal,

Today is a special day. The Supreme court began reviewing prop 8 and DOMA! If they get overturned,  the "same-sex"marriage debate will be over!

I woke up this morning and quickly turned on my computer to check in on the status of the rulings and all the stuff going on around it. While watching and seeing all the support on Facebook, twitter, and the speeches given in D.C., I started crying.  I was so happy and excited! I AM so happy and excited! Things are changing. The majority of the people are in favor of "same-sex" marriage. I could go off on all these thoughts and feeling about the topic. But for now, I am just so elated and beyond words excited.

I wore red today and my Facebook and the internet were blowing up red. Today in My EMT class several of the students asked me about my button, resembling this picture.
And it opened up a great discussion about the Supreme court cases and marriage equality. Which also lead to being gay and mormon. But it was an awesome discussion. The whole class was super cool and supportive. Haha, in fact, I think I may have become a little more popular with them all, haha. 

One day. I will marry a boy named Jake. And I will not have to worry about which state I live in. I will not need to worry about any legal issues should a death between us happen or any other legal crap. We will be able to live happily. As man and man.

This is a wonderful time.

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  1. I've been excited about this, too. Unfortunately a lot of people I know went up to DC yesterday to oppose gay marriage and it's really been bothering me (I go to Southern Virginia University, an LDS school out East).

  2. I woke up with anticipation of a positive outcome in favor of national marriage equality. Most of the new analsys I read last night indicated the Supremem Court will "punt" on Prop 8 with a limited scope ruling that grants marriage equality to only California. I hope that is wrong.

  3. When I was first coming to terms with who I am, Proposition 8 was first being voted upon. It caused a lot of strife among my friends but forged the next, happier chapter in my life. I'm grateful now for the hope so many of us now share for the future now that these battles are behind us.