Saturday, September 14, 2013

Who said gods are sexually active?

Dear Journal,

Recently I had a roommate, out of curiosity, ask me questions about being homosexual and mormon. Which, I'm always happy to discuss with people!

One of his questions was (paraphrased); "But what about after this life, when we are creating our own spirit children, two people of the same sex wouldn't be able to do that?"

I mean it's a good question. We know that after this life at some point, assuming we lived to meet the requirements and did all that was needed, we will become as god and start creating our own spirit children and what-nots. So how could a gay god or goddess couple create these spirits?

Well. My response to this is; Who said God is having sex and heavenly mother is popping out little ones left and right? Cause let's be honest, to create all of us that way, all due respect, heavenly father must be poppin the blue pill non-stop and heavenly mother constantly baking some buns in the oven.

Here in Moses 3:5, the lord tells us he created all things spiritually before they were physical.  The key word here is CREATE. As gods we CREATE spirit children. We do not birth spirit children. And that extends to things such as planets. I would hate to think Heavenly Mother had to push all these massive planets out....

Not to mention that Heavenly father didn't really CREATE us. We learn from D&C 93:29 and Abraham 3:22 that we existed as intelligences, even with God, that were "not created or made, neither indeed can be". But that God in fact organized us as intelligences. And it is the organizing that I can only assume is the creating part. 

My point is this: We do not know how God created us. We do not know how we will in turn create more children when we ourselves are gods. So to try and argue that homosexuality is not natural or ordained by God or that "things will be worked out the right way in heaven" by saying that a man and a man or a woman and a woman will not be able to CREATE spirit children is, simply and bluntly, idiotic of the individual. They are assuming that God has sex with his goddess and she births a child. And you know what they say about assuming (it makes you look like an ass).

So yes, I do believe and have full faith that if I marry another male, and if we live worthily of obtaining godhood, that me and my man will create worlds a plenty with beautiful spirit children running around with tails and/or playing with their soul animals. Cause in my worlds, everyone gets a tail and the Golden Compass is real.

Also, my god name will be Zoltron.



  1. THIS was an awesome post, Zoltr--uhh, Ditto! I learned a few new things today thanks to you. I guess I never really thought about the possibility of gay gods. I'm not sure how I feel about some comments GA's have made about same-sex attraction going away after the resurrection. I haven't really developed any opinions on that yet, but what you shared helped me realize how two guys or two women could make a beautiful heavenly family. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Jacob! Thanks! And I'm glad to know I helped contribute just a tiny about to anything! That's why I do this bog, in hope that something I say can add to something else in the world. I really appreciate the comment and you taking the time to read this. I'm looking forward to reading some of your own stuff!

  2. Your post is very interesting. I had never thought about these things and the way you have presented them, well, it makes sense. I liked your scriptural references. You have a unique talent of thinking things through from a different perspective. Very nice- thank you! Duck

    1. Thanks, Duck! I'm not a big philosophic thinker nor actually know much about religion or the scriptures, But I do like to do my best at approaching them with an open mind and take it all in from different perspectives. I don't think Heavenly Father intended for the gospel to be so complicated and deep. I feel like it made it simple and easy to understand, we just have a nature of over thinking it and making it into more than it is.

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  4. You should read the Dialog article from a year or so ago by Daniel(?) Petrey about "moving toward a post-heterosexual Mormon theology..." can't remember the exact author or phrase from the title, but it's enough to find it online. It speaks directly to your thoughts here (in a deep, intelligent, fascinating way).